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I was born in Caracas on April 18 1976 I Started to work as a model when I was only 17 years old, Managing to work with one of the most famous agencies in Milano, Major Models Agency and also through them i accomplish to work in other important countries like France and U.S.A. Then back to Caracas Venezuela I started  to study acting at the Art Academy of Venezuela, getting involved in important roles in soap operas, series  and films.

After a decade of acting, I felt it was time to pursue another of my dreams, which was learning photography, and I became a student  at Roberto Mata's School of photography. After three years of studying I managed to do many fashion editorials for important magazines of mi City like. 

In the meantime I met my wife in a soap opera I was working on, she is also an actress and also a videographer and editor. After a few months in 2013 we decide to get married and move to Florida, where we founded our Photography and videography company "Suite 33 Media" and we started  working for Telemundo Tv Channel doing photography portraits for artists like Luis Fonsi and Mark Anthony, Lucero, Olga Tañon, backstage Photography for a singing competition on tv "La Voz kids" of Telemundo tv Channel too. Also we worked doing Fashion editorials for La Palme Magazine L.A, photographic documentaries for great personalities such as Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and many Concerts backstage photography and videography for artists like Nacho la Criatura, Marko Música ,Luis Fonsi  the rock band "Fireflight" and others.

 Then after 5 years we decided to move to New York City in search of professional growth, managing to exhibit the photographic work in 2021 at the exhibition "The unknown" in Queen NYC and New Jersey City with the exhibition of "Cries of Freedom" of JCAST by Guaicora studio.

It takes a lot of imagination to be a good photographer. You need less imagination to be a painter, because you can invent things. But in photography everything is so ordinary, but it has a lot of looking before learning to see the extraordinary.


David Bailey

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